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Thursday, June 16, 2005


Close shaves

It happens every single day. The driver returns just as you are giving their wrongly parked vehicle the once over. Some guys “carry on booking” regardless and hand out the ticket. Me, I only do that on Taxi Ranks, Bus Stops or Disabled Bays. Where the five minute observation rule applies, say in car parks, double or single yellows, unless these guys are well and truly taking the piss, they get moved on with a stern admonition “Don’t let me catch you again”. Funnily enough, most of them don’t.

Some of course, will push the envelope and we do book them. They have broken Bill Stickers golden rule, which reads, “Don’t take the mickey.” Others however, apologise, make excuses, whine, whinge and generally make a 14th century beggar look like a rank amateur. These generally get moved on with a ribald statement indicating our disbelief, say “I’d wear a mac if I were you sir, the flying pigs are murder at this time of year.”

Such an incident took place last night in one of the car parks. I found two cars, side by side who had not paid for their parking. So I dutifully began the process of double check for permit / ticket before punching details into my rinky dinky little hand held computer prior to handing out parking ticket. Just as I start punching in the registration, both drivers appear, huge gaggle of kids in tow, apologising profusely for not purchasing a pay and display ticket. “Well.” Says I. “If you buy one for each vehicle right now, we’ll call it quits.” Which they duly did, all the time saying “Thank you.”

Revenue was thusly obtained for use of parking space – job done. I’d just rather they had bought one in the first place.


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