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Wednesday, June 15, 2005


Comings and goings

It’s been rather quiet of late on the work front. Town has been quiet and we’ve been hard pushed to book anyone. The local chavs have finally got wise to us, and actually move on when one of our number rolls into view.

A Couple of new guys started last week. They seem okay, willing to pitch in and do the job. They can’t be worse than the guys who have left. Shift Supervisor has moved on to new job thank goodness, and Phil, one of our ex-squaddies has resigned.

I was never very comfortable with Phil around. At one point when some of us knew he was leaving we were all praying, “Please God, let him get the bloody job.” The guy is a loose cannon.

Working nights means you are the last to catch up with the gossip. This in some ways is no bad thing. Senior Manager is out of sight and out of mind, me and my oppo just get on with the our duties and hope for the best. I’m sure I’ll be bollocked for something, but I’m just going to tough it out for the moment until something better pops over the horizon.


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