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Wednesday, June 22, 2005


BBC brainwashing

For the first time in three months, I sat down and watched the BBC news this afternoon. Big mistake. It just made me angry. A simple item about the Royal families accounts was nothing short of poorly disguised republican propaganda. A piece on Grouse moors preparing for August 12th was turned into a ‘green’ propaganda piece. Another report about some stupid child managing to get impaled on iron railings was similarly slanted. Almost as if the newsreaders were telling the viewer how they should be thinking.

My objections to the slanted falsehoods are based on the following facts. The Royal family pays a lot more into the exchequer than it gets paid, so the ‘news’ item was more anti royalist propaganda than ‘news’. Grouse moors are privately managed institutions that have been stable environments for over a century, to the benefit of wildlife and Grouse, so the criticism levelled at them is ultimately self-defeating. If the Grouse moors are allowed to 'revert', the environment the Grouse and other wildlife rely on will disappear. The stupid child was swinging over some old Victorian spiked railings and let go. Then the council were held to be at fault for not removing them sooner. WTF! I’m sorry, but if anyone is that dumb, tough. If they die, think of it as evolution in action. See the link for the Darwin Awards.

My kids, brainwashed by the current ‘health & safety’ culture of course, disagreed vehemently. Mrs Sticker and I sighed heavily, remarking, “They’ll learn the hard way.” That’s if they’re lucky. My major concern is if my two are unlucky, they won’t learn anything ever again. You try to teach them a little carefulness, a little responsibility. Trouble is, in your teens, death and serious injury are relative strangers, so a little sensible life-preserving caution is not considered ‘cool’.

I just pray they learn, along with a little self-preserving caution, that blaming others for the consequences of your own actions (A mental illness too prevalent today) is not wise.

Oh what the hell, there’s beer in the fridge, my last day off tomorrow is going to be characterised by vitamin D conversion and plenty of fluids. The TV stays off in future. It's mostly lowbrow crap anyway.


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