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Sunday, May 15, 2005


The usual suspects

I see the hysterics have been at it again, creating fear where it shouldn’t exist. To a number of the populace, the uniform of Hoodie over baseball cap is something to be afraid of (Especially when worn with shades on a dull day). To me it just indicates that the wearer is a complete and utter pillock. Mind you, if some moody fourteen year olds can ‘intimidate’ John Prescott then maybe they have some use after all.

Most of them can’t drive anyway, so they don’t fall into my particular sphere of law enforcement. Besides, my youngest often wears a Hoodie and occasionally a baseball cap; and despite being a typical mardy teenager is pretty harmless. They’re just kids doing what kids do, which is kick over the traces and test their independence. If they break the law by making nuisances of themselves – let them learn by taking the consequences.

As for a children’s charity calling for a ban on the Bluewater mall – there are places it would be nice to go to if they excluded children and young persons under the age of twenty-one. I’ve got a better idea - let’s have a ban on that particular children’s charity. I’m fed up of Rousseau’s postulate of innate childhood innocence - 'original perfect nature'. Which as experiment has shown is complete and utter bollocks; William Golding was far closer to the true nature of human offspring in ‘Lord of the flies’.
We see the proof around us every day.


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