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Saturday, May 07, 2005



There are some people who really reinforce your belief that the majority of humans are just marking time cerebrally. At our level it’s not so surprising that for every ten or fifteen reasonable human beings there is always the guy who’s dog is bigger / fiercer than anyone else’s / knows at least three squadrons from the SAS personally and has them over to tea every Sunday where they just adore his wife’s shepherds pie. Yet when push comes to shove, old Braveheart, in the colloquial, has ‘bottled it’ and frozen.

Being neither brave, nor stupid, Ma Stickers second son prefers to use his brains to prevent them being exposed to the outside world (His brains, that is.). I learned long ago that no matter how tough you are, there is always someone trying (And sometimes succeeding) to be tougher than you are. Rather like there always being some idiot trying to be the fastest gun in a western. Sooner or later age catches up with you and the reflexes slow just enough so junior can give you a serious spanking. Telling all your workmates otherwise is all bollocks.

We have one guy on the crew who everyone laughs up their sleeves at while his back is turned. Fortunately it isn’t me, since I stay out of the mess because of Supervisor and Team leader wanting to edge me out. Sorry guys, I need the money and I’m staying out of your way so I don’t give you any ammunition. It also keeps me out of the way of Braveheart, who, as you can easily guess, I have given a highly ironic pseudonym. If only he knew how unutterably dull he is. Poor chap should go and get a real life.

Me, I’ll stick with the one I’ve got until something better turns up. Life, don’t talk to me about it or my last remaining brain cell will implode.


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