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Thursday, May 05, 2005


Handed to driver

One of the most daunting prospects in our line of work is handing a parking ticket to an errant driver. The situation can get highly emotionally charged in less than a nanosecond and if you don’t handle it with care means a large bill from your dentist.

Today for example, all of seven parking tickets I handed out this afternoon were ‘Handed to driver’. The driver arriving just as I had printed the ticket, which is generally the point of no return. As far as I was concerned they were all bang to rights and one (to my astonishment) actually stood and watched the whole process from first observation to handover.

Two claimed to live in the street and so thought they were immune from the two hour waiting limit without a residents permit. Three got verbally aggressive which tailed off into an extended grumbling against ‘bloody box ticking bureaucrats’, another was mutely acquiescent and one looked at the ticket with a sheepish grin that said it all really. He’d lost the parking lottery in which the prize is not getting a parking ticket.

One of the verbal aggressors ended his closing speech by walking off saying “Do you enjoy this?” To which I of course replied “No.” but stifled a chuckle because said driver was the one who had seen me arrive and start booking but then had done absolutely nothing about it for over ten minutes. Talk about as dumb as they come. I hope they don’t let them breed, or the human race as we know it is doomed. This may or may not be a bad thing from an evolutionary point of view; but then we shall have to see, shan’t we?


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