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Wednesday, May 11, 2005


Speed Cameras

Working mainly in the centre of town, one of the things that irks somewhat is the lack of control on speeding drivers. All the speed cameras I see on my travels are out on the open roads between towns. From my perspective the most inappropriate speeding happens on urban and suburban roads.

Every day and night we’ve got the problem of drivers who zip through the centre of town at (My estimate) 40-50 mph. Usually the ‘scrappy racers’ with huge sound systems, souped up engines and noisy exhausts. Why? Do they think it enhances their prospects with girls? Take it from me guys – most girls aren’t in to that sort of thing. If you feel inadequate about your willy, a faster car is not the answer. Trust me, this is so. Or is this some kind of homoerotic thing, honey?

I know there is a body of evidence for locating speed cameras at accident blackspots where fatalities have occurred, notwithstanding, shouldn’t more speed cameras be sited in town centres? How about siting them outside schools or other vulnerable locations? Fatalities occur there too. Just a thought.


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