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Thursday, May 12, 2005


Sticks and stones

After a little incident this morning I’d like to do today’s blog entry on the subject of insults and name-calling. We Parking Enforcement Officers live in a world surrounded by those who deal in petty insults. One of the common ones I’d like to shoot down in flames is the oft toted soubriquet of ‘Little Hitlers’ which some half wit attempted to use to defame my character as I was passing by. I hadn’t even looked at the brain dead bozo’s car. I did immediately afterwards, but then he jumped into the drivers seat and ran like a startled rabbit. What was really funny was the fact he wasn’t even parked on a restriction. Some people just bring it on themselves don’t they?

Regarding this particular insult I say this; excuse me? I know as part of our job we have to wear a uniform (With varying degrees of smartness I might add), but none of our lot have toothbrush moustaches, indulge in goose stepping or have ever indicated that they wish to re unite some mythical German super state. If the cap fits, as the saying goes, wear it. It doesn’t. Fit that is. We do crack in-jokes like “Never mind the brown shirts – where’s my brown trousers.” When the general dyslexic has been extra feisty; but the only SS you get from us is in the “Ssssssssss” sound of relief we make putting our feet up after a hard day on the beat. Not that any of us could be more than (Extremely) loosely described as ‘Aryan’ (Neither could he, but that’s beside the point.).

Besides, this Hitler dude. Could he have cut it as a Parking Enforcement Officer without two divisions of storm troopers and attendant panzers as back up? We think not. Could he have pounded the streets of our particular Ville with all its attendant aggravations while enforcing the TRO’s fairly and without malice on his lonesome? Don’t be silly. He’d have been away on his tootsies after the first bunch of angry drivers finished shouting at him. You’ve got to be mentally tougher than that to do our job.

So; just mentally pause the next time you think about referring to one of us as one of his National Socialist disciples – we know different - we’re more than a cut above.


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