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Friday, May 13, 2005


Lets have a meeting.

Have spent most of today in ‘meetings’. I think I died of boredom at about 11:30am.

Back in another life I recall a guy I used to work with who regularly insisted on daily meetings. What a waste of time he was. He only had the vaguest idea of my working brief, didn’t understand the job I’d been hired to do, then had the nerve to try and tell me how to do it. In the end I went to his manager and told them that if they wanted the job in to deadline, they could try giving bozo some real work to do. They got him off my case rather rapidish. It also got the job done within deadline, which would not otherwise have happened.

Today the streets of our town have gone mostly unpatrolled. You could have parked anywhere you liked from nine am to three pm and no one would have cared apart from the queues of irate drivers trying to negotiate the streets. Good job nobody knew about this meeting outside of our offices isn’t it?


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