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Sunday, April 24, 2005


Proof of idiocy

Well, it has long been suspected that the BBC has a political bias to justify it’s nickname – ‘The Blairite Broadcasting Corporation’; but interfering in a Political Parties general election campaign? – Ouch guys, you’ve just ‘outed’ yourselves. Mrs Sticker was heard to sneer, “Well they wouldn’t do it to anyone else would they.” And she generally votes Lib Dem.

I shall explain; The BBC allowed one of their producers to equip hecklers with microphones and send them to disrupt a political meeting where the speaker was the Tory leader Michael Howard. This is a trick William Randolph Hearst would have been proud of. This is not the act of an ‘Unbiased’ organisation whose ideal is to ‘inform and entertain’. The only information I get from a stunt like this is confirming the cupidity of the producer; the only entertainment, hearing of said producers dismissal.

By taking a Political Party’s (The New Nazi - sorry Labour party) side, the BBC has nailed it’s colours to the mast and discredited its reporters / presenters as being stooges for the current administration. I reiterate, it is supposed to be an impartial, non-partisan organisation.

Personally I deal with bumptious chuckleheads with attitudes like this every day. The ones who think that everything they do is right; and when caught out attempt to foist the blame for their plight onto others. That's what this stunt reminded me of. The news is this - you boys ain’t fooling no-one. I am currently compiling a list of motorist responses, which should bring a smile to the lips of any student of human half wittedness.

Meanwhile, back on the subject; I suppose it’s bad enough that much of the BBC’s broadcast material is so lowbrow and saccharine (See my post, ‘Why do I dislike Natasha Koplinski’) – now politics? Let’s have decent satire by all means – but this kind of bias is well outside the Beeb’s remit. Smacked wrists! Don’t let me catch one of your outside broadcast units you naughty little tinkers!


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