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Wednesday, April 20, 2005


Musings V1.2b

As it’s my day off, for a change I had a lie in. Found my eyes drawn to a copy of Max Ehrmans ‘Desiderata’ that Mrs Sticker has hung on the bedroom wall. I never really liked it as a piece of poetry, it doesn’t scan too well and comes across as rather wordy, turgid and slightly pretentious. Yes, I know it’s supposed to be a piece of inspirational verse but it reads like prose.

Must be the job getting to me, because when I read the phrase ‘You have a right to be here’ I always think of double yellows, Penalty Charge Notices and giggle slightly. I think I need to get out more.

Have made up my mind which way I’m voting anyway. There’s no Monster Raving Looney candidate (Read their ‘Manicfesto’ here)so it’ll have to be UKIP. I always thought it rather odd that the party started by David (Screaming Lord) Sutch as a joke sometimes has more plain common sense than all the others put together. Not that they’ll ever win a parliamentary seat but they come as welcome light relief to all the hand wringing, back patting, baby kissing (Does this make politicians paedophiles?) ‘professional’ politicians.

Wonder if I’ll get a chance to nick a campaigning politician this election. Make an interesting conversation in the mess room;
Traffic Warden 1 “Who’d you get then?”
Traffic Warden 2 “I got the Tory.”
Traffic Warden 3 “I nailed the Lib Dem.”
Traffic Warden 4 “I booked John Prescott.”
Traffic Warden 1 “Oh, so that’s where you got the black eye from.”


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