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Saturday, January 29, 2005


No more TV

Well, I haven't bothered switching on the TV since I posted that it all seemed to be makeovers, soaps and biased news. Haven't had any withdrawal symptoms, seem to be well informed on a slightly broader range of issues and made my own mind up about a series of issues. More time to walk my dog and just talk to my friends and neighbours. Got a few jobs done, caught up on my reading, improved my French a little and am wondering what to do with that inert lump of plastic and glass in the corner. The kids think I'm crackers for not wanting to watch 'Celebrity Big Brother' and my wife is reserving judgement.

Celebrity. Now there's a subject for an excellent half hours rant. Wife has seen soap box sliding out of its hiding place and has gone to phone mother in law before going out to watch TV in another room.

I seem to recall a criticism from an earlier age about the cult of celebrity. Something by Plato or Socrates being fed up of these perfect bodied oafs traipsing around being the font of all wisdom. So they had teenagers in ancient Greece? No wonder the Parthenon is in ruins.

We occasionally get the odd 'Sleb' or TV presenter passing through our neck of the woods. So long as they don't break the parking regs I can cope with that. One of our guys mentioned that some overpaid dickwit of a footballer was in town. His heavy was driving this enormous gas guzzling 4x4, which kept on stopping on the same no waiting restriction until one of our number was sneaky enough to catch him bang to rights. Footballer wasn't bothered, £60 was just so much loose change to him. My problem is that these guys seem to think that just because they get paid yay more than the average guy, the rules don't apply. Walking to a car park is below them. Do you see where my argument is heading?

The parking rules are there so the streets don't get clogged up. They exist so everyone gets a chance to park, rather than one greedy sod hogging the same space 24 / 7, blocking residents out or preventing lorries from loading and unloading. Being a 'Celebrity' just makes you a more obvious target that's all.

This is not to say that I begrudge someone else the wealth and fame derived from their particular talent. Nothing of the sort. Providing they are talented and /or clever enough to exploit this. Just so long as they don't get the idea that they are above the law. Hells bells, if I was fortunate to posess such photogenic features / sporting prowess / talent it would not exempt me from breezing around making a nuisance of myself. Just because you were in the lead role in a movie will not stop you getting nicked for clagging up a red route.

There are some celebrity types who you can take a liking to; Take Linford Christie, one of Britains best Olympic sprinters. Ran into him in a hotel in Wales once. Nice bloke, approachable, no entourage but quite miffed when people kept on coming up to him saying "Hey, Linford. Do you know you're in the same hotel as Bill Sticker?" Have seen him in our area, walking around having parked properly. As far as I'm concerned the man is diamond. It's the arrogant "Do you know who I am?" wazzucks that get my hackles up. The answer is usually "Yes sir. I do know who you are - but if this is your vehicle it's illegally parked. Have a ticket - to you £60."

Well its Saturday evening, there's alcohol on tap and I'm feeling quite mellow. Bye for now. I've got some reading to do.


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