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Monday, January 24, 2005


General mumblings

Having a swan through a few sites after a day of dealing with the general dyslexic. I'm sure all the people I booked today could read the double yellows and other restriction signs, but chose to ignore them. All they need do is pop a coin in a meter, get a ticket out and they're covered for the next hour or so. They could save themselves sixty quid when we catch them.

Nice day to be out and about today. Not much traffic in town so the air was reasonably fresh. The sparrows were coughing in key for once.

Sometimes I wonder about my fellow humans. They make so many excuses why they can't do something, when with only a little effort they would achieve their goal. Sorry to be a bit of a monomaniac but lets take parking for example. A 'scientific study' has come up with the result which says some women can't read maps or park properly because they were exposed to testosterone in the womb (On - where else?). From my own observations in the great laborotory of the streets it looks like honours are even in the parking stakes. I know for a fact that my wife can park better than me. Most of the people we book for parking across two parking bays are male. Looks like some study group has spent public money to come up with even more utter bollocks. As for map reading - my two teenage stepdaughters are great at navigating. We only have arguments over where we're going. Even though I've been driving accident free for the past ten years, I still think that, apart from her occasional fault with signalling, my wife is at least as good as I am. So think about that Jeremy Clarkson - all I've got to say to you is Nurburgring. The Scotsman has an interesting take on the matter. Why do Men's cars burst into flame more often? Overheated crotch caused by sexual frustration? Spontaneous combustion in the trollies caused by a combination of acrylic seat fabric and fast driving? There's a PhD in there somewhere for someone.

Isn't reality fascinating?


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