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Saturday, January 15, 2005


Naughty Harry

What a load of bollocks the tabloids write. Prince Harry goes to a private fancy dress party, just for a laugh he wears the insignia of a defunct right wing regime from the 20th century. Result: He gets pilloried and villified for it. Should he be allowed in the army? Yes of course. The armed forces need young men, not politically emasculated wussies who would get wiped out while agonising about whether they should pull the trigger.

Personally I like the Royal family, they add colour to what would otherwise be a grey and unbearable island. I don't think Harry should have been forced to apologise either. They should have arrested the offending editors, slung 'em in the tower for summary beheading and subsequent display of heads for the tourists to take pictures of.

My question is: What bad electoral news, like the Blair/Brown rift, are Murdoch's minions trying to cover up? We should have more proper news in newspapers, or am I asking too much from the daily tabloid press?

Meanwhile, back on the street; best ticket of the day - A Rolls Royce. Bang to rights. Almost as good as the arrogant sod with a big silly black X5 BMW I notched up in a disabled bay last week. The flasher the car, the more obvious the target. I think I win our weekly sweepstake for 'Most expensive car of the week nicked'. Hooray!

Cups of coffee: 2 Tickets issued: 8 Irate Motorists: 0 Blisters: 0

Sight of the day; One very badly dressed transvestite with poorly fitting wig, mini skirt, fishnet tights, horn rimmed glasses and 5 o'clock shadow. Hmm, almost pointed him in the direction of Waterstones where he could buy a copy of "What not to wear".


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'm afraid that arresting the editors is really just shooting the messengers. I'm not saying that most tabloid editors don't deserve at least public humiliation - but if the public didn't buy the papers with pictures of Harry nutting a paparazzo or dressed up as a Nazi, then the editors wouldn't publish them & the paparazzi wouldn't take them. And party guests wouldn't be tempted to make a few quid flogging their snaps. As long as the public is as superficial as to want to see some 'celebrity' doing something bad or wearing something new, then they'll be people who can make money out of it.

Saturday, January 22, 2005 11:02:00 pm  

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