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Sunday, January 16, 2005


Bill Stickers day off

What does a Traffic Warden do on his / her day off? Do they practice minor cruelties like the taunting of Guinea Pigs, clamping the kids Tonka Toys and pasting Penalty charge notices on the goldfish bowl? Not really. All work and no play makes jack etc.

Fairly routine really. There's always the domestic stuff and minor DIY tasks. Shopping. Walking the dog. Occasional day trips to various places. Drinking Coffee. Going to the movies / theatre. Reading stuff like Gibbons 'Rise and Fall of the Roman Empire' (Honestly!) and perhaps a light hearted delve into my Terry Pratchett or Douglas Adams collection. Personally I find cooking rather theraputic.

Even in my local pub it's amazing how people don't recognise you out of uniform. Almost like being invisible or having a secret identity. Take off the cap and uniform and you're a different person. Some of the younger members of our crew go clubbing (Not baby seals! Nightclubbing! - Oh I don't know though.), others are into fishing, even remote control models (There's always one.) I even suspect we have a closet trainspotter amongst us. Just goes to show really, we're all human to a greater or lesser extent.

Well that's all for now. Time to walk the dog. Again.


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