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Monday, January 03, 2005


Damn politicians

While my brain and body recover from festive season TV and too much turkey I got to thinking. Have been mulling over the news on CNN, BBC and Google you understand; With regard to the tragic circumstances of the Christmas Sunday earthquake and subsequent Tsunami in south east Asia. I feel it is unfair to say that Tony Blair should have cut his freebie holiday in Egypt short. It is nothing short of political point scoring. The odious little man would only be back here claiming credit for what the British public are doing without any political intervention. Same as he usually does.

Maybe thats what politicians are all about - claiming the credit while some poor low level public servant does all the work on his / her tod without their direction - then interfering when one of their mates falls foul of the problem. Sounds like most of our local councillors really. Anything for a vote. It would also explain the parlous state of the local Parking restrictions.

On that theme; if all these politicians are as good as they would have us believe, the moment any similar disaster threatens they should be flown immediately to the area so threatened and take the place of all those poor, innocent, useful people who might otherwise be killed and do King Canute impersonations on the beach / volcano / fault zone / meteor strike target - with live TV coverage of course so we can see how good they really are. Make them earn the over inflated pensions that come out of the taxpayers pockets.

Gosh - I sound like an anarchist. An anarchist Traffic Warden? Well fancy that. Instead of giving transgressors of the parking laws Penalty Charge Notices I could let their tyres down and spray paint their vehicles with anarchist slogans.


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