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Thursday, October 25, 2007


The secret of immortality

I was browsing through a few blogs while partaking of my morning bucket of coffee and jumbo sausage and bacon butty when I came across one of my favourites 'an Englishmans Castle'. In his daily op-ed he linked to this article in the Daily Telegraph online 'Why accountants live longer than builders'.

The article indicates that those in manual occupations subject to being told what to do all the time, living in poor housing and working in polluted environments is far more hazardous than having a little extra salt, fat, or alcohol in your diet. Notwithstanding that the 'health' goalposts seem to be constantly in motion.

This rather fits in with experience. Since crossing the pond I've become a lot less stressed and paranoid, my health has improved dramatically despite the stress of upping sticks and leaving my homeland for an unknown future. Despite this my diet hasn't altered that much (I'm eating more meat for one thing). In point of fact I've lost weight and three months on the injuries that forced my retirement from Parking Enforcement are hardly noticeable. Not having to deal with unsympathetic people (From all sides of the argument) has been good for me. My energy levels are higher and all the nastly little pains I've been used to have all but vanished. I feel as good as when I was my own man, long before I had to take a 'day job'.

Go figure it out for yourselves. The sun is shining and I'm off out.

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