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Friday, October 06, 2006


Cheers Sarge!

It’s four o’clock and I’m much better now. Amazing what lots of fruit, fluids and paracetomol can do to a fever. Back out there tomorrow.

Seems like I’ve been blogrolled by ‘Lockerroom’ at ‘Sergeant Says’ another new Police blog satirising the insanity of bureaucratic top down management from the politicised Home Office (Parking Enfarcement? – sounds about right sometimes). I’d also like to add a couple of others to the list; ‘Political Police’ and ‘PC Bloggs’, a feisty female PC (Is it PC to say she’s a she? Probably not –who cares). While I’m at it, I’m adding Officer Tackleberry the author of ‘One Cop and a keyboard’, and ‘Noddy and Mr Plod' from Scotland to my list of links to make up for some who have fallen by the blogging wayside. Read them and despair or enjoy, whatever.


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