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Wednesday, June 14, 2006


I get a bit....

Jealous of Coppers sometimes. They get to actually do something to people who act in a threatening and / or offensive manner, like politely point out to them that such behaviour may offend, or would they like a ride to a nice cosy cell block in the back of their purpose built van? Failing that, give ‘em a dose of CS or pepper spray, clout them round the ears with a baton and then give them the name of a lawyer so the malefactor can sue.

As for my good self; when people hand out shit, I have to stand there and take it. Worse still I have to keep a straight face when I just want to snarl a few choice words in theirs and maybe bite their noses off (Although this is strictly against Council Health and Safety guidelines and can lead to food poisoning.).

That’s right; I’ve had a day. Must be the weather or something because everybody in the whole damn town seems to have been on my case, from Senior Manager to the car park’s adopted stray cat. As it was, come end of shift I had to walk out quickly before I hit someone very hard indeed. Such was my mood I think even a bit of friendly joshing might have set me off.

Shame when a job gets to you that much. Life is too short.


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