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Monday, June 12, 2006


Day of the Lobsters

Wandering around in full uniform over the weekend I was wilting a bit in the heat. Well, when I say a bit, I mean needing a half litre of water an hour to replace fluid loss while tramping the beat. Glad I’m off duty today. I don’t think I could have stood another shift out in the full heat of the day.

My troubles though are as nothing to the daft items I saw parading around in full sunlight, in the middle of the day with their ‘Ing-er-lund’ shirts, all freshly washed by Mum, tied around their waists. All the time their originally pallid backs and shoulders getting redder and redder. Ooh! That, as they say, has gotta hurt!

Very light traffic because it seems a lot of the idiots are in the pub or at home watching the football. Not that I’m a fan myself, Rugby is more my game.

Lots of Ambulances and Coppers charging around. Probably picking up heatstroke cases if what I saw was any indication. Dammit, it’s too darned hot and I’m off to watch next door go up in a fireball when he tries to light his barbeque with half a litre of unleaded. Being a good neighbour I will try to put him out without breaching the hosepipe restrictions.


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