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Friday, June 09, 2006


What am I worrying about?

Today for me has been a crap day. I’ve felt too hot, been shouted at by a lot of people, refused time off by management and generally found out a couple of things about my job I’d rather not have known. All things considered I should be feeling a little depressed but for the brilliant sunshine.

Mrs Sticker has been having a bit of a down time as well; however, while we were partaking of supper out in the garden I noticed a bird. This particular bird was silhouetted against the setting sun in the top of next doors ornamental Cherry tree, singing his (her?) little lungs out. Don’t ask me why. Maybe it was ‘Look at me girls I’m sexy’, ‘watch out there’s humans down there’ or ‘this is my tree - sod off’, but who cares?

I think this was one of those ‘Robert the Bruce’ moments. Here was I, feeling that life has done me down, and there’s this bird, singing its little heart out for no better reason than it could. For the joy of living, the sheer exuberance of letting air flow in and out of its lungs. Giving thanks to the world at large in song for the gift of existence.

This has rather put all my own worries and concerns (I won’t bore you, telling you what they are) in perspective.

If I got fired tomorrow I don’t think I’d be too fussed. For too long I’ve been scurrying around at the behest of others, too wrapped up in their agendas to think about my own wants and needs. Too busy chasing around after people who loathe the Uniform (And by proxy the person in it) because that is what they are programmed to do; not because they have actually thought through the reasons why I’ve been doing the job I do, but just because I thwart them when they cause inconvenience to others.

All things considered I should be paying more attention to my own needs and desires (So long as I do not harm others). Raising my own game and playing according to my own talents rather than being the ‘square peg’ that I currently am.

Perhaps I will start paying more attention to that side of my life. It is too short to do otherwise.


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