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Saturday, May 13, 2006


Doing nothing much

I’m sitting watching the rain on my mildly parched garden while my dog cowers under the stairs from the thunderstorm; I’m making the most of my last day of leave before pitching back in to the day to day confusion. Kids are watching TV, Mrs Sticker is busy with her weekend tasks. Meal’s been cooked, cleaning done and I’m not interested in doing much of anything. Didn’t even bother watching the FA cup final. Not that football (Soccer) interests me much. Give me Rugby every time.

Wrote a couple of thousand words more towards the novel and a short story I’m working on. Didn’t feel that I’d done much and I think I might just scrap it all because the text somehow lacks the immediacy I’m trying to convey.

Stuck a ‘Babel fish’ translation tool on the blog; well you never know who might drop by and it’s best to show a little hospitality. In my casual wanderings I come across a lot of non English speaking bloggers out there and I feel it would be rude to shut them out, so up went the translation tool.

The whole day has had a bit of an anticlimactic feel to it all. No urgency, everything got done and I’m just at a bit of a loose end until Monday morning. Wonder what’s on at the movies? Nope, nothing I want to see (Da Vinci Code, Mission Impossible 3 – No.). The kids are hogging the TV and it’s Graham Norton doing something with dancers – the little tinker. Looks like its headphones and a book time. TTFN.


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