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Monday, December 05, 2005


Ever just have one of…..

Those days when nothing goes right. First day back after a very pleasant weekend and everything’s gone to hell, back and stopped off at the nearest purgatory services for an overpriced burger and fries.

Hand held Computer was damp and the screen playing up. This meant that if I didn’t look twice and double check, which is very easy to do when the drizzle was constantly clouding the screen, that the naughty people, at least six of them, got away without one of my carefully crafted and exquisitely autographed parking tickets on their windscreens. My printer jammed with the damp, meaning that another two got away with polluting my beautiful double yellow lines while I was forced to return to base for another printer.

This offended my delicate sensibilities so much that just as darkness was falling I was ready to pack in all in and go for a quiet cry in the corner. Nothing went right.

Just as well I had a good weekend. Had it been like one of the usual ones full of whinging kids, extended shopping trips and minimal alcohol consumption, I think I’d be a prime candidate for the rubber room around about now.

Saturday I went for a beer and a natter with my blogging mate from over the water; Staghounds. It was so nice to be let off the leash for once to wander around a few of the better local hostelries and sink a couple of pints in good company. Very civilised; I’d almost forgotten what it was like to talk with someone with common interests outside of work, such a rare pleasure.

To close; the Blogfather has reviewed this blog and found that it shows respect for the family, (Love the photo – looks nothing like me) so it’s not all doom and gloom. Oh well, it’s been a long day; I’ll have to get my beauty sleep or I’ll be terribly grumpy in the morning.

For those of you who have fallen foul of me or my colleagues, to be sure that you've been done fair and square (Wouldn't be sporting otherwise.) check out these guys at


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