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Tuesday, November 08, 2005


Target setting

The latest edicts have come down to us from on high, based on the results obtained by the little god of tick boxes; and today children, the lesson is target setting.

I can hear the sympathetic groans already. ‘Target setting’ is the new plague on society, an insidious malaise of indeterminate cause. Target setting reduces people to things, holds a tiny mirror up to reality, then trims off all the bits off the things that don’t fit on the mirror with an axe. There is no subtlety, no allowance or encouragement for initiative or intelligent problem solving. We must do as we are told even if what we are told contradicts much of our previous training and real on-street experience.

This time round, the target setters have been at work ‘appraising’ beats, checking how long it takes to walk from one location to another. Based on an unladen, non-uniformed, fully rested persons ability, not taking into consideration such minor delaying factors as steep hills, busy roads and concerned members of the public; we, fully laden with kit, wearing heavy boots, carrying pocketfuls of the various things we need to carry out our appointed tasks, printer, hand held computer, notebook etc must carry our patrols out – in exactly the same time or faster. Day in, day out.

Well fuck it! I’m not doing it! They can go and stick their sodding targets where the suns light does not normally penetrate. I said as much to Kerry my line manager after the meeting. Her reaction was a resigned shrug. Afterwards we gave our Union rep serious stick for allowing us to get bombed like this. He’s supposed to keep us informed of incoming shit of this nature.

Now I’m no slacker. I’m out there on patrol doing the job. I like my job. You develop an approach that works and fulfil your primary objective which is keeping the streets clear. You try to catch the parking cheats and slap one on them, hopefully they learn the lesson. Your job is to provide both a deterrent and on site sanction against those who would make everyone else’s lives more difficult. Shit like this just gets in the way.

Grr. I get so cross!

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