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Sunday, November 06, 2005


Nervous breakdown narrowly averted

Dog had a good nights kip despite a short firefight in the early hours which woke me up. I tucked him up in his basket in the cellar. He usually doesn’t sleep down there but I left the light on and all ‘twas all roses ‘til diggerdog. No nasty little brown smelly present, just a happy wagging tail and free face wash for me as I took out his makeshift earplugs this morning. Huge sigh of relief from me. Must do it next time when the idiots across the way want to throw their money into space again.

Thoroughly wet day on duty today, so we skulked in car parks and cleaned up the office and mess room. Did manage to pop out to have a quick terrorise of the surrounding streets around lunchtime, but it was Sunday and dead as the proverbial doornail out there. We drove past several supermarket car parks which were utterly packed, but nothing to do with us.

Hate to keep harping on about fireworks; but after a natter with some of the other guys, came to the conclusion that the damn things are getting bigger and louder. Living in town as we do there’s no getting away from it. Every pub and club with a courtyard or open space was at it last night. Tonight thanks to the rain it’s all quiet so Mrs Sticker and I went out for that civilised drink we promised ourselves two nights ago and never got.


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