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Thursday, November 17, 2005


Odd moment

I’m a bit out of sorts at the moment. Today I decided to find somewhere nice and quiet for my morning tea break and hit on the bright idea of the local cemetery, as it was on my beat.

Cap off, I wandered in and looked around for a bench in a sunny spot to drink in the peace and quiet. Just as I’m passing the side door of the Chapel of Rest I got a distinct sensation of someone coming the other way, so I instinctively stepped aside without really looking, like you do. Looking up I saw no one. I stopped, turned, and had a good look around; no one within a good fifty metres. That’s odd, I found myself thinking, my normally reliable instincts were telling me I’d almost walked into someone, but there was nobody there. Wee-ird.

Not being someone who is easily ‘spooked’ if you’ll pardon the pun, I carried on and picked a bench, sitting back to enjoy the meagre warmth of a bright November morning. Damn me if there wasn’t that feeling again after I’d sat down. Nothing unfriendly, just the mildly impatient sensation of someone who was in a hurry and really wanted to get past. I looked all around again; over on the far side of the cemetery some of the gravediggers were filling in after a funeral earlier that morning, but no one was anywhere close.

The sensation didn’t come again, so I just stayed where I was enjoying the sunlit peace and quiet for fifteen minutes (Honestly boss). Maybe it was my mind adjusting to the abruptly differing pace spent dodging busy pedestrians and the sheer personal space I was suddenly in. Maybe one of the local ghosts took exception to the presence of a Parking Enforcement Officer, thinking I was there to book their hearse. Who knows? I’ve never thought of myself as psychic before, nor do I now.

Maybe I’ve been eating too much junk food lately, or I’ve missed too much sleep in the past couple of weeks what with my poor firework traumatised dog and all. Before anyone makes any ‘clever’ comments; no, I didn’t actually see or hear anything so it’s not one for the Fortean Times.

Mind you, it did leave me with a strange ‘disconnected’ feeling for the next half an hour. The moment I was back on beat and started booking again I was, as they say, ‘back in the groove’ and playing my usual supporting role in other peoples’ life stories. Notably as the villain. Speaking of which, if I’m to be replaced by CCTV with ANPR software in the next year or two, I’m available for the pantomime season if anyone’s interested.

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