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Saturday, October 08, 2005


Rainy day duties

Today has been very dull, as are all rainy days. You get a choice of either staying out of the way out on patrol (My preference) or going back to base and doing the ‘menials’ around base, which essentially means car park duties; checking that storm drains are clear, tidying stock room, sitting in the mess room waiting for the rain to ease.

My own fault I suppose, I wasn’t quick enough to get out of the door before supervisor collars me and says (Meaning to be kind); “You’re not thinking of going out there are you Bill? Stay in, it’s much too wet to patrol.” Drat and double drat! Curses, me cunning plan thwarted! I had planned to stand in a convenient archway, watching the rain and working on the book in my head. Today I got roped into doing a count of all the odds and ends in the various stock rooms around the car parks. Filling out a spreadsheet and pushing other bits of paper that Kerry, our line manager, has neglected to do because she finds it too bloody boring.

Glad to see the back of the place today.


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