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Saturday, September 24, 2005


Walking into it.

Now I’m a quiet sort of chap who likes to think he just gets on with things and tries to get it right, but there are some people who are just asking for it to happen.

This little event occurred this evening on late shift just before the sun went down. I was standing in the shade of one of our little corner of Chavlands remaining trees, filling out my notebook. Fellow shift member wanders past on other side of road without noticing yours truly. Bunch of council estate refuse rolls onto double yellows less than thirty feet in front of me, whistling, jeering and making obscene hand signals about sex and relocation at my colleague, completely ignoring me in shade of horse chestnut tree. Chavved up fiesta is left sitting on double yellows while contents go off to pollute some place of public inebriation.

I mean, under the circumstances what’s a bloke supposed to do? So I did. Just over five minutes later, said Fiesta was the proud recipient of a carefully handcrafted, personally autographed copy of a Penalty Charge Notice. No doubt they will forget to cough up, but the courts and bailiffs will get them eventually.

Sometimes you just have to think this is Karma in action.


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