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Sunday, August 14, 2005


Joining the club

Stopped to pass the time of day with a colleague on the street today and catch up on work related gossip. Just a casual natter between workmates. I bid my mate good day and got greeted by a sour faced old Milch cow of a female (This is a highly coloured but relatively accurate description) who had a go at me for “Talking to those effing Nazi’s.”
“I talk to who I want.” I responded, rather nettled.
“They’re all effing fascists. You must have trouble sleeping at night.”
“Madam.” Yes I did call the sour faced old harridan thus. “I am one of those, as you so inaccurately put it, Nazi’s and I sleep very well indeed. Now get lost.” Thusly I turned on my heel and walked away. I think she shouted something about reporting me to the council, but I was just so bloody annoyed that I couldn’t care less.

I was still steaming five minutes later when I ran into Real Police foot patrol who recognised me and waved me down. “You look like you want to do someone a damage Bill.” One of them said.
“Some old hag just called me a Nazi.” I complained.
“Is that all?” Both of them burst out laughing. “Join the club.” That brought me down to earth with a thump. I’ve been on leave for over three weeks (I saved it all up – honest.) and my professional defences must have been temporarily shut down. Normally when someone calls me a name I don’t even blink. Half the time I don’t even notice, I’m so intent on doing my job.

Oh well, back on duty tomorrow. I wonder what joy and jollifications that has in store.


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