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Monday, August 15, 2005



Came back on duty today after my holiday to find two of the guys had quit. Not a word to anyone, they’d simply handed in their kit and disappeared from whence they had come.

Doesn’t surprise me that much, from all accounts the pressure has been increased to improve statistics by covering more streets and booking more contraventions. It has all the hallmarks of being condemned to the treadmill. At some point even the best of people have to choose whether or not to stay human or go over to the dark side and book everything that isn’t moving. For my own part, I’ve chosen to stay human and keep my statistics somewhere in the middle range. For the time being it should be just enough to keep myself free from criticism, but not enough to offend my own sense of natural justice.

For a few though, the constant pressure gets too much and they have to bow out or fold up. Been there, done that. Not a wise career path choice as I found out to my cost. Wish I’d had the sense when I was younger to keep my head down, shut my stupid mouth and hide in the crowd. On the other hand, as Mrs Sticker has astutely observed, if I’d done that, I wouldn’t be me.


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