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Thursday, July 07, 2005


Sick leave surprises

Had the day off ill today; feeling sick as a dog with a bad case of distemper. Don’t know what it is, some 24 hour bug or other, so I’m blogging with a very thick head and liquefying nethers, but perhaps that is too much information.

Checked the news sites and saw the items about multiple explosions in the centre of London. Man, I did not know the French were so pissed off about their failed 2012 Olympic bid and isn’t this a bit extreme?

Seriously though, what is the point of killing civilians like this? If it’s a protest against G8, it’s a pointless one. If it’s religious extremists, it only devalues their cause. If it’s our old friends the IRA – aren’t they starting to get what they want? If it’s Al’Qaeda related who cares? Lets have the death penalty back; or at the very least shoot on sight. Whoever perpetrated these acts has to be prepared to pay for the lives they have so arbitrarily taken.

Wonder if the Civil Contingencies act will be invoked? If so we’re all in for a very scary ride.


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