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Sunday, July 10, 2005


Blue Badge bitch v 2.0

One of the things that constantly pisses me off it the open abuse of the blue Disabled badge scheme. For example where an able bodied person whose granny is entitled to a disabled badge ‘borrows’ it (Occasionally after the disabled person is deceased.). What also makes my ticket hand itch is the sheer arrogance of some people, able bodied and otherwise.

For everyone’s information, let’s get the ground rules straight. A blue disabled badge does not entitle people to park on:

Taxi Ranks
Bus Stops
Active Loading restrictions (Single or double kerb
Red Routes
Nor does it allow them to park in such a way that they are blocking a public thoroughfare

To be concise; if there is no disabled person being transported in a vehicle, that badge is invalid and the scheme is being abused. So whoever is displaying the badge deserves to lose its use.

We catch them every day.


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