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Friday, June 10, 2005


Typical lawyers solution

The government proposes new legislation to clamp down on ‘Drink fuelled violence’. What?

Why do we need these new laws? The offences of ‘Assault’ and ‘Drunk and Disorderly’ should be quite adequate for the Police to arrest and detain those who can’t hold their booze without going off the deep end shouldn’t they? Or have the lawyers devalued those offences to the point where they are unenforceable?

These new laws won’t mean dick without the manpower and powers to enforce them. Same as road markings mean nothing if the Traffic Regulation Order hasn’t been signed off properly or the signage isn’t right. We’ve got far too much of that in our little corner of Chavland already.

This strikes me as a typical lawyers solution, pass legislation without a clue as to how it will be enforced or upheld. Then say; “The law isn’t working” before coming up with another set of even more bizarre and Byzantine legislation. Whatever planet these guys live on, it ain’t this one.

Any Police officers out there are invited to comment.

Speaking of different planets; whichever one Bob Geldof’s on must be a strange and wonderful place. I mean invoking the spirit of Dunkirk with regard to the Live8 protest. Does this mean re-enacting the bombing, panic and slaughter on the Dunkirk beaches? Stuka’s bombing the destroyers and machine-gunning the small craft perchance? Great idea! I’ll have an E-Boat and four ME109E’s to go please, extra rockets. Revenge for all the crap we get from smug cyclists and hippies who think razzing Parking Enforcement Officers is a socially worthwhile pastime.

Wonder if Senior Manager could be persuaded to go as well?

Think of it as social engineering.


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