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Friday, April 29, 2005


Things that make you go Mm-hm.

Really nice day today, sun shone, the trees heavy with blossom and that fabulous green that tells you that things are alive and pulsing after the long winter layoff. Real shirtsleeves weather. Good day for baggsying the longest foot patrol and not bothering to return to base until close of play. So that is what I did.

One thing that gave me a fixed grin which made the punters think I was taking the piss was; The Tory assertion that ‘Blair will lie in order to win power’ – er, ahem guys. We the public, already know this (He’s a politician – of course he lies); hence the new definition of the word ‘Blair’ I’ve been hearing used as an irregular verb and adverb; meaning to act sincerely while telling humungous porkies to win contests / elections. Hence;

I Blair (Admission of guilt – never used)
You Blair (Accusative. Used immediately prior to fisticuffs)
He Blairs (Descriptive.)
She Blairs (Descriptive.)
We Blair (Collective admission of guilt prior to mass Seppuku. – Not likely is it?)
They Blair (Who you lookin’ at pal!)

Examples of use. First person past imperfect; ‘I’ve been Blaired’
Collective past imperfect; ‘We’ve been Blaired’
Accusative present tense; ‘You’re Blairing me!’

Etcetera ad nauseum. I’m sure you can come up with many others.

To close. Was checking my links last night and found a site which listed my blog called ‘’ which gives this blog a fluctuating monetary value. So this means my occasionally rabid ramblings are actually worth something? Can I refloat on the stock market splitting two for one if I think the shares are over valued?

Hang on a minute, where’s my dividend?


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