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Thursday, April 28, 2005



This is the final blog entry covering the manifesto of the Bill Sticker party.


The whole of the BBC (TV, Web and Radio) to be slimmed down, devolved and removed completely from London. Welsh Broadcasting to be moved to Aberystwyth, likewise Scottish Broadcasting to Dundee. Both towns have Universities and you can’t commute there from Islington. Radio 1 & 2 to be moved to Manchester & Birmingham respectively. Radio 3 to Croydon. Radio 4 to Little Snoring, Norfolk. BBCTV to be split between Exeter, Bristol, Swindon, Norwich, Leeds, Sheffield, Glasgow and all other regional broadcast locales. Why? Lets have some regional talent doing the shows. Almost anything’s better than the output at present.

While we’re at it – put Graham Norton back where he belongs, on the Cabaret Circuit and sack whoever paid him five million out of the licence payers fees. Same for Dickhead and Dom.


If we need more education, education, education, we want more Teachers, Lecturers and courses that actually mean something. Colleges and Universities to only receive funding for courses that turn out graduates whose degrees are linked to proper work-related qualifications. Anything else will have to be self or privately funded. No more degrees in Politics or Media studies. Pass levels to be adjusted to reflect real achievement. Let’s raise the game, not just the figures.

While I’m thinking about it – let’s protect the Teachers better. Any person physically assaulting a member of a Teaching staff to be automatically prosecuted for criminal assault. Threats to teaching staff to be dealt with in similar manner. The legal assumption should be that any accusation has to be proven beyond all possible doubt before teaching staff are removed from duty and that a child under the age of majority is not the most reliable accuser / witness. Not this dangerous inversion that exists at present. Bring back corporal punishment. Sometimes it’s the only language some kids understand – and yes, I was caned three times when I was at school.

No more ‘Social Engineering’. Let’s have private scholarships / grammar school places for the gifted. If this smacks of ‘elitism’ – so what? There will always be those who are more intelligent / gifted than others – why should a system try to drag everyone down to the same low level?


A real toughie. We need markets and have goods / services to sell and trade in them so people have proper jobs to work at.

Urban and general Transit Infrastructure needs to be improved so that people can commute to and from work more easily. That will soak up a few jobs to start with. Improved telecommunications infrastructure, the resultant cable laying will take a few more off the dole queue. A ‘National Grid’ for water supplies will provide a few years jobs while the economy rebuilds. No more hosepipe bans.

Restrict immigration / end asylum so that those British Citizens currently on disability / unemployment get first crack at proper retraining and work opportunities. ‘Work restart’ campaign to get older workforce retrained and mobilised with subsidised work placements and a guaranteed job with market wages should they be able to cut the mustard after completing their retraining courses. Active headhunting of British Citizens with slightly outdated skill set so that they can be given another chance at a decent career plus the opportunity to become more productive & well paid.

More encouragement for investment in research & development in the fields of ‘pure’ research in physics and biomechanics.

More encouragement for investment in innovation via local Chambers of Commerce.

More overseas development assistance for UK employers to expand export markets.

Less bureaucracy on the back of small business.


No more ‘Asylum’ applications allowed. Skilled immigrants only allowed to stay and work on a points system similar to Canada’s, only a little more strictly enforced. 24-hour turnaround deportation with no appeal. Destroyed / lost / forged papers mean automatic and immediate return to point of origin with no appeal and no return to the UK. It’s unfair, but not so unfair as increasing the burden to the UK taxpayer and lots cheaper than letting illegal immigrants stay.

Race Relations

A fairly obvious course of action is to ditch ‘positive discrimination’ policies as these only serve to give the racists on both sides ammunition. No more ‘quotas’ for the same reason. Religious hatred laws to be repealed as these give fuel to the same problems. Racism of whatever form is bad. We need good-natured tolerance, not fawning submission where ethnicity is concerned.

We can do without the infernal box ticking mentality of the bean counters and ‘Gender compliance Officers’. Such things bury great societies which thrive on mutual tolerance, diversity and cultural cross pollination.


Should mean exactly that. No more Iraq or Bosnia type ventures unless we get paid properly for it. Why should our taxpayers foot the bill for other countries problems? Proper care of active service veterans & widows. A policy of armed neutrality with an emphasis on quality kit, fit for purpose.

Foreign Policy

No interference in the affairs of any other state. Assistance for British Citizens only. No more foreign aid (They only go and spend it on the dictators latest toys.). Extension of territorial waters to 100 miles or international border in centre of dividing sea. No more Iraq’s or Bosnia’s. They’re too bloody expensive.

Agriculture and Fisheries

Agriculture; Better subsidies for ‘organic’ food production to assist small farmers. Easier licensing for ‘Farmers Markets’.
Fisheries; No non UK registered / crewed boats within territorial waters. Conservation zones rigidly enforced to allow regeneration of fish stocks.


Pretty simple this one; fewer bureaucrats, fewer managers and ‘box tickers’, so the money can be spent on better front line staff and proper disinfecting of hospital and medical facilities. No uniforms to be worn off hospital sites with proper changing facilities for staff. Cut down visiting hours to late afternoons and evenings so that front line staff have time to do their job properly before the unwashed hordes of nosepickers descend and contaminate the place.

Police & Law Enforcement

Reintroduction of the Transport Police with full powers of arrest and detention. Their duties to include; security at Ports, Airports and Public Transport termini and deportation of unwanted immigrants. More ‘Beat Officers’ working from local Police Stations in the towns and districts they serve. Fewer internal compliance reporting requirements for Police force generally, allowing more time actually on patrol. Less ‘bean counting’ when it comes down to crime and law enforcement. You can’t count things which don’t happen because there was enforcement presence, same as good maintenance practice keeps your repair costs down.

Reintroduction of the death penalty for murder. To be automatically applied for child murder, poisoning, terrorism, multiple murders, (Including previous offences) or killing a Police Officer. Method – Lethal Injection. Body to be destroyed and not released to relatives. Appeal system will need to be revised allowing proper examination of evidence to establish that any conviction carrying the death penalty is ‘safe’.


The Hunt ban unlawfully pushed through Parliament is to be repealed and all the Environmentalists and Animal Rights activists to take the place of foxes in the celebratory post ban hunting party. (That one’s for my mate Staghounds)

Failing that, said environmentalists will be humanely gassed or shot so that at least the Badgers can have a laugh too. GreenPeace to be prosecuted under the Trades Descriptions act for false advertising (What were the statistics on that oil rig, pray?) along with any other charity which is found to distort facts and figures to solicit donations. If a charity claims to be environmental or ethical – it will be asked to prove it or be prosecuted for false advertising.


John Prescott’s mouth to be demolished to make way for new housing in the North East. Devolution of Government departments to the regions to provide work for the Regions. This shift should do some good while cutting the need to pay extortionate London prices for office premises. It’ll hurt the Duke of Westminster’s pocket and a few property speculators, but they can afford it.

Devolution of Government

To be contracted out to several Technical Logistic companies with orders to ‘shift the kit’ and take no nonsense from any two bit little empire building mandarins who want to stay put.

Also, if Britain is to be a terrorist target, then let’s make it really hard for them to hit more than one element of government at a time. Then for the one time they do get lucky, they won’t hurt so many people in one go and life can get back to normal, fast.

MP’s and Members of the Upper House to work on a ‘telecommuting’ basis from their local offices so they can be on hand to serve their constituents first and Parliamentary business second. We can save some serious public money on MP’s expenses there, I think.

We can also save money by taking over old factory premises (Jobs for Rover / Longbridge?) and refurbishing them for government offices. As for those who work in them – be a lot cheaper than living in London chaps.

Well, that’s my manifesto. So. Can I count on your vote, then?


Bill Sticker


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