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Thursday, February 24, 2005


PM says safety comes before civil liberties

Oh dear, here we go. Does anyone else have a really bad feeling about this? This guy has lost the plot big time. The ‘war on terror’ is lost because terrorist objective no 1 has been achieved.

Let me explain: It is a standard dictum that in order to achieve its end of overturning a society and rendering it vulnerable to the terror groups specific objectives, the terrorists must force a government into draconian repression of its population. From the look of slaphead Blairs article in the Torygraph, this will be achieved any day now. We might just as well roll over and play loveable puppy. Freedom in Britain is about to die a lonely and unlovable death. Next stop book burning and the mass slaughter of scapegoat minorities.

The best way to win any ‘war on terror’ is to deprive it of the oxygen of repression. The IRA never really succeeded because successive governments resisted using the full weight of the state against all parties. Instead said governments preferred to leave the general population out of the argument aand deal with specifics. Punishing everyone for the actions of the few by restricting the majorities long held freedoms ranks along with head butting concrete in the intelligence stakes.

Never mind, I'll be okay in my nice smart uniform, obviously on the side of law and order. I might find it hard to learn to goose step though. What the hell, I'm game.


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