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Thursday, February 24, 2005


Has the BBC sunk so low?

Back from last but two day shift before next days off. With all this sleet and snow there’s not much to do as most of the naughty people have decided to stay home and leave our nice clean double yellows untrammelled by their odious presences.

Meandered through living room in search of a book to read. Wife and youngest have been watching a BBCTV programme about getting Dolphins interested in TV.

The Beeb’s going to have to raise it’s game then. A real Dolphins idea of fun is a few mackerel with the lads by the sandbar and later beating the hell out of those immigrant Harbour Porpoises. Maybe followed by a game of chicken in front of the odd passing Supertanker. Omnibus Eastenders just can’t cut it in comparison. At least in cetacean circles.

Had a look at the Beeb's web site, and found a story about a 'Vicious' Argentinian dinosaur. How do they know? Have there been complaints from the local Hadrosaurs down at the swamp? Maybe a Tyrannosaur has had a run in with them? Or was the claw they found just a super evolved nose picking tool for the Chav of the Late Creataceous?

You wonder what else the Beeb is going to have to do to attract audiences.


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