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Saturday, February 19, 2005


EU Constitution - er, no thanks

Have been trying to read the draft EU constitution. On the face of it this outlines a very worthy set of ideals whereby the 'Union' will ensure the well being of its citizens. Just as a thought experiment, I opened another browser window with the US constitution and did a contrast and compare between the two documents.

Now the US constitution is a lot shorter than the proposed EU constitution and, as might be considered natural for the 18th century, a good deal simpler and to the point. The EU constitution tries to be more in depth and all embracing. The fundamental reason for my entitling this little ramble "EU constitution - er, no thanks" is this; The EU constitution says a great deal about 'The Union' but hang on, where does it say 'The people'? Sorry, all you pro EU people out there, but I am not going to vote for something that effectively muzzles the voice of the individual against political institution. I don't care how it proclaims that my individual rights will not be affected. You may assume that 'The Union' is comprised of the 'people of Europe', but what the EU constitution actually does is concentrate power in the hands of the political elite.

I may be a Traffic Warden who enforces parking restrictions, but it ain't my job, nor anyone else's, to tell others how they should live without their say-so. Rant over.


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