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Sunday, February 20, 2005


Blogging for freedom?

My Dad used to tell me not to believe everything I read in the newspapers - seems like we shouldn't believe anything we see in the mainstream news media.

Tea break saw me leafing through a pile of tabloids left behind by everyone else. Seems like 'Spin' isn't just confined to the politicians - just about all the large scale newspapers, TV news, radio news put their own editorial slant on everything. We frequently get what for in the local rag, and quite frankly most of it is complete and utter crap. Here's an example; We as Traffic Wardens, were accused, tried, and found guilty of threatening and harassing one citizen of our area by the local press. It's all bollocks - he was the one threatening one of our guys - with a baseball bat no less. We got hauled over the coals by management for it - even though all the evidence showed us to be in the right. W!*k*&s. We'll wait for the heat to die down then he will get targetted.

Just to give you a taste of how warped the mainstream news media can be, in my links I have added a connection to the Biased BBC weblog and Blitheringbunny who seem to be a lot better than I could ever be for media analysis. Check out the Daily Ablution link for Arts media analysis. Adjust your blinkers and see how we all get conned by the very people who are supposed to expose deceit.

Ian Duncan Smith, ex Tory party leader, wrote an interesting piece in the Guardian about bloggers as primary news sources to be something for the media elite to be worried about. I agree. The writing may not yet be on the wall for dishonest and / or lazy journalists, but it's sure as hell on the Internet.


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