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Thursday, February 17, 2005


Yours Truly, Confused N10

Sitting in Father in Laws 'office' while stepkids are deciding whether to rouse themselves from their torpor. After long conversation with in-laws, I introduced their silver surfing to a few of may favourite blogs. Father in Law especially taken with 'Nanny knows best' blog.

The title of this entry is taken from a witty little Ray Davis song about a newspaper letter writer who wonders why the world is going to hell in a handbasket whilst government is proclaiming 'all is well'. Now I'm not going to break my anonymity but most of my relatives are in an ethnic minority group loosely described as 'White, lower middle class'. For my own part I describe myself as 'White, upper working class'. As such, most of my nearest and dearest feel that their treatment by elements of the current UK administration is overtly racist.

That's better. I've used the 'R-word' and feel a lot more relaxed about it. For my part I live and work in a racially mixed, fairly cosmopolitan area and get a bit aggrieved when some spawn of a dunghill politician cum lawyer throws out legislation and diktats that load the dice against the ordinary briton. By 'Ordinary Briton' I mean people born in this country whose primary language is English, regardless of their parents genetic heritage. Think about it; if you go back far enough we're all immigrants. All anyone can ask for is fair and equitable treatment under the law, and that's what we are not getting. It's so unnecessary. We don't need positive discrimination or shortlists. If a non ethnic north european can make the grade, good luck to them and I'll be first in the queue to shake them by the hand. Just don't try to replace the old racism with it's mirror image, that's all.

In my working life I've learned one thing; an arsehole is an arsehole regardless of race, creed or colour. On our team at work we have all shades of skin and religious belief. Most of them are okay, and I wouldn't be too fussed if one of my Stepkids wanted to marry one them - so long as my two understood that all except five of our team are already married and bigamy is still an offence in this country.

Rant over. Stepkids have now dragged themselves out of bed and are whining about having to go home so soon. Despite this they are packed and ready to go, as are my earplugs.


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