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Wednesday, February 16, 2005


Tuesday, Written Wednesday PM: Look, I’m busy – Okay?

Lunchtime. I’m walking my dog along seafront; it’s cold but the sun is shining and dear wife, kids and grandparents are all off in nearest large town shopping. My mobile phone rings and I answer it, thinking it is Mrs S asking me what I’m going to cook this evening. At this point I am feeling pretty relaxed and very off duty. Dog is happy – I think I am.

Rude awakening time. It is not Dear Wife, it is not so dear Line Manager, who has conveniently forgotten the shift patterns and is imperiously demanding to know where I am.
Me (Placating). “Kerry, you know where I am – I’m off shift until Friday lates.”
Line Manager (Officious). “No you’re not. You should be here, it says so in the – oh.” Her tone changes. “Sorry Bill, I’m looking at Harry’s shift pattern.”
Me (Brightly). “I’ve got Harry’s number if you want it.”
Line Manager. “Ah, sorry Bill.” Click.
Me. “Byee.”Christ alone knows what they teach ‘em at these Universities.

In need of moral sustenance, I find a pub that lets you take your dog in. Phone is emphatically switched off. Returning to wife’s parents house three pints of strong ale later I relate story to clan shortly after their return from shops. Stepkids think it’s hilarious. Wife and Mother in law frown disapprovingly. Father in law highly amused and gives me a very large single malt, then another. Following this, the late afternoon and evening are a bit of a blur. I think we ate fish and chips. No, I didn’t cook.


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