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Saturday, February 26, 2005


Fashion statement - oh dearie me.

Went out to get a curry from one of the better Indian restaurants in town and ran across a guy I’ve seen in the audit section of our Council offices. It was him, I know this because he has no twin and has a pretty distinctive voice. Normally he wears a two piece suit, white shirt and very fussily knotted tie. The guy is an accountant for Gods sake!

Imagine my surprise when I hear his voice issuing from the Kebab shop on the corner, using words not normally associated with his work. Out steps the lad in Burberry (I swear it) baseball cap. Dark T-shirt with Nike logo, jogging trousers and trainers with a chunky Argos special 9ct gold chain around his neck. Next follows his wife, effing and blinding like an infantryman. She is bottle blonde and works in Housing. At work neither of them would say boo to the proverbial goose, yet here they are behaving like a couple of irritating street tykes.

To reiterate my point from an earlier post – who in their right mind would want to dress up like the lowest common denominator of humanity? Well now I know.


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