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Wednesday, February 16, 2005


Monday Evening: Valentines Day Road Rage report.

Drove to elderly relatives house on the South Devon coast this morning (Miraculously who has operating broadband and lets favourite son in law use it – Ta very muchly.). On the way here we had an interesting experience for a student of human nature such as oneself, appertaining to road rage. My, my. Tsk, tsk. Aren’t there a lot of ill tempered people out there?

Southbound on one stretch of dual carriageway there was a camper van who decided that slowing up traffic in the inside lane was not enough. Without signal or noticeable observation he pulled into the overtaking lane causing Mrs Sticker (Who was driving in the overtaking lane with me in the front passenger seat.) to brake sharply and swear vigorously. Dog and kids very startled.

Indicated my displeasure to the offending driver by gesture, suggesting perchance he was too busy with onanistic pursuits to be able to drive properly. He responded with a like gesture, further embellishing it with another gesture suggesting that he was once a medieval English archer who had never been captured by the French. I responded with an old Italian gesture indicating that said driver should worry about what his partner got up to with various trades people while he wasn’t home. This must have been a gesture too much for him as he made no reply. By this time other drivers behind us were likewise being highly discourteous with horns and headlights, displaying negative opinions on his ill considered manoeuvre. This was enough to indicate that said driver, should he care to ‘Come and have a go’ would be outnumbered and out gunned. He pulled back to the inside lane.

Notwithstanding; we were magnanimous in victory and gave his road rage reddened features a happy little wave as we overtook him. I further wished him a happy Valentines Day and apoplectic attack with a smile. Other drivers behind us were not so generous.


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