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Wednesday, January 12, 2005


Idle thoughts

Cups of Coffee: 3. Tickets issued: 2. Stroppy motorists: 0 (Wow!) Blisters: Ouch!

Between one thing and another this isn't such a bad way to make a living. The pay is better than being a Supermarket Shelf Stacker and once out of the office, you're your own person. No time to be bored. Every day as they say, is a whole new ball game.

Got shanghaied into sorting out the office today. Looks like it's just my turn in the barrel from the leftover bits I picked out of the chair, computer keyboard etc. Lot of sirens around threeish but not much for our chaps to do in terms of keeping the streets moving.

Management came poking their noses around and rumours abound about revenue from car parks being down. So? There's a retail slump going on and people are staying home and paying off their credit cards instead of ramping up more bills. Besides, when we were hired to do this job we were assured that we wouldn't be judged on the amount of tickets we issued. You can't book people when they don't break the traffic laws. Methinks those naughty auditors are going around frightening Managers with fairy tales of what happened to the last Manager who let their budget overrun. Ooh dearie me.

Sarcasm level: moderate


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