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Sunday, October 28, 2007


Maybe we should

Browsing through the opinions of the Daily Telegraph’s ‘Your View’ during a bad quarter hour and felt moved to put my five pennorth in.

Far too often in those columns you can hear the rattling of tiny minds in large skulls. ‘Ban this’, ‘the government should do something about it’, and ‘God doesn’t like it’ seem to be widely held views. I would take issue with all three mindsets.

Let’s have a sidelong look at the ‘ban’ faction. They have no imagination and possibly even less charm. These are the Captain Mainwarings, the narrow, pompous, blustering people who don’t know much, only what they don’t like. Oh and incidentally – it shouldn’t be allowed – whatever it is. Especially if someone is doing no harm at all to others.

A lot of the ‘ban’ faction also belongs to the ‘the government should do something about it’ group. May I ask like what? Successive UK Governments have proved, not least of all the bunch of jokers currently holding the (Supposed) reins of power, to be superbly inept when it comes to ‘doing something’ for the people they purport to represent. When voting, I always feel that my franchise is rarely little more than a vain attempt at damage limitation.

Finally there is the ‘God says so’, or ‘it is against the will of the Lord’ body of opinion. Says who? Men who wander round in anachronistic clothing and belong to an institutionalised religion? I wonder how they know. I’m pretty certain that none of them have a direct line to God (Or the gods) and even if they did, wouldn’t be listening if he spoke to them.

Maybe we should stop listening to these people and just get on with the business of living. Maybe I should simply stop reading and commenting in said columns, but it's just so all fired tempting; and I can resist everything but temptation.

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