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Thursday, May 03, 2007



I've been checking my site traffic, and it seems quite a number of visits have been drawn by my links to the remains of Suicide Bombers, and what really happens when they push the button.

I shall post the link to those images on my sidebar, so those of you seeking enlightenment about what happens when someone detonates a bomb wrapped around their person, just follow the links. I shall put a permanent link on my sidebar for those who wish to view such material.

Just as a caveat for those tempted to such a cause of action; please be aware that there is a body of medical opinion that the head 'lives' on for around two minutes after decapitation. This means that neurons are still firing and thoughts still happening after decapitation. Gruesome isn't it? I mean, who in their right mind would choose that as a way out? Apart from a complete and utter pillock of course.



Blogger dickiebo said...

.."who in their right mind..."
You said it - right pillocks, of course.

Sunday, May 13, 2007 5:50:00 pm  

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