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Tuesday, October 17, 2006


New Powers

No, I don’t mean x-ray vision or the ability to teleport vehicles onto an active restriction (Although why not? We seem to get accused of most other things), I’m referring to the proposals to give us Parking plodders and similar (Other Council Workers, Teachers and even RSPCA inspectors!) the power to hand out ‘fixed whizzers’ of up to £100 to low level low lifes for drunkenness, possession of drugs, theft and aggressive behaviour.

Well whoever came up with these proposals can go and stick them where the sun does not shine. Speaking as a Council Worker most likely to end up with these powers (‘Oo look, our Parking Enforcers are already out there on patrol – they can do it’) I’m not so keen. I’ve already got my work cut out chasing errant parkers from pillar to post.

Drunks and Yobbo’s are Police work. If our ‘superiors’ want us to take on these proposals we will need the legal powers of stop and arrest, otherwise said anti social elements will (At best) laugh at us, or (Worst case scenario) knock seven bells of shit out of us. Most of our lot are in no physical condition to go rough housing with the meaner elements of the underclass. Nor are we trained Police Officers.

Which leads me on to my next question; what has happened to the Police service over the past three (Nine?) years? Where are they and why are more resources not being pushed through their budgets so they can recruit more front line proper Coppers to do this work? PCSO’s aren’t the answer. I’ve seen three out on foot patrol in the last few (Six? Eight?) months, and this is from a guy who spends most of his waking day out on foot patrol.

We just got the power to inspect disabled badges, and that is turning out to be a real nest of tarantulas to enforce let me tell you. I’ve only asked twice in the past couple of weeks and one couple were fine about it and another man a) Disputed my authority to do so; and b) Gave me a right mouthful. On both occasions the badge turned out to be kosher. However, I’ve ‘just missed’ a whole heap of people who seemed to be spry and agile who disappeared smartly before I could get anywhere near them. My, my; word has got around. There do, from a purely anecdotal standpoint, seem to be a lot fewer disabled badges displayed on our patch recently. Hmm, interesting.

Link to the Times article courtesy of Bystander.

Anyone for joining me in a blog campaign for more real Police Officers? These ‘new powers’ are just a backhanded way of cutting Police budgets at a time when we need our Police more than ever.


Blogger DiscoveredJoys said...

But Bill, think of the upside...

You find the Lord Mayor's car waiting on double yellows (it happened in Leicester) so you give the driver a ticket....

Tony Bliar comes for a visit and his car is parked in a disabled spot....

Course you would lose your job, but some things are worth the sacrifice!

Thursday, October 19, 2006 4:57:00 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

PSCO's ARE GREAT!! I'm ONE chuckle chuckle. It does not really matter how many officers (police, PCSO's Wardens etc) you have, if the law does not provide a sufficient punishment to stop people from re-offending - what is the point.
You could have all the powers in the world, stop people day after day, but if nothing really happens to them - they don't stop!!!!

Wednesday, November 15, 2006 1:16:00 pm  

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