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Friday, October 13, 2006


Wireless! Huh! Whitey whats it good for?

Lots, actually. Apologies to the late Edwin Starr for the crummy title, but today I write in praise of my little wireless network which is currently, like Saturdays child, working hard for it’s living. A lot of my DSL connections bandwidth is currently being taken up by eldest (Back from University for the weekend) and her music downloads; however this still allows Mrs S and I sufficient speed for our modest requirements.

Going wireless has freed the house up very nicely. Our home office, as was, has been completely made over. Easy chairs have replaced office chairs and we’ve gotten rid of my desk for a more informal (And smaller) kitchen table so we have much more space to play with. Our domestic temperature is much lower as a result. It’s more of a home now. Less cluttered.

Google talk is enabled, as is Skype, which means we can rattle to all our friends and relatives overseas at length and ad nauseum without breaking into our echoing piggy banks to line capacious BT shareholder pockets.

Cost? £70.00 GBP (About USD126 or CDN140) for a wireless gateway and a couple of wireless network cards. Yes, yes, I’m sure there’s some clever bugger out there who could get one for ten bob and a stale kipper off a market stall but some of us may not have your connections, okay?

As for todays Street adventure; I didn’t have one and therefore cannot post about it, apart from the usual day to day background whining from erring motorists, but that can get tedious after a while. Ergo, no news is good news. Senior Manager is on holiday (Huzzah!) so no brickbats from that quarter either.

Anyhow, we have a transatlantic call coming in from an old family friend now so TTFN.


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