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Sunday, September 17, 2006


Busy, busy, busy

Have just finished transporting eldest and all her worldlies off to University. Must say I was seriously impressed with the halls of residence; all sparkly and newly decorated, free wireless broadband and a bigger room than she had at home. Nicer (En-suite!) bathroom and a very cosy communal kitchen.

Eldest has all the electronic comforts of home now installed in her little monastic cell of studenthood (Yeah, right). Xbox, digital TV, Laptop.

She was busy networking, making new friends even before she had the duvet cover on the bed; but isn’t that the real purpose of going to University? To build a support network of friends and contacts who will be your fellow travellers throughout your adult life. Now I know it doesn’t work like that for many, but for the socially savvy it’s an absolute goldmine.

Frankly, I’m jealous. Wish stuff had been this good when I didn’t go to Uni all those years ago or I’d have been there like a shot instead of doing my fathers (forcefully delivered) bidding to go out and get a paying job.

That’s all rather academic now; in the late 1970’s and early 1980’s we had no satellite or digital TV, the Internet was only a glimmer of possibilities in the wiring of the old Defence based ARPANET. All we had then were books, alcohol and girls, not many of whom were as pretty as my eldest (God help you boys, behind that ditzy façade is a mind like a razor). Hence the lack of incentive to go and get an education. Now with the blessings of female emancipation, colleges and schools are crammed with elegant eye candy (Well I think so anyway, but then I’m just a crusty, lecherous old fart). Nostalgia can be a real bastard sometimes.

As for me, I’m back on the same old slog of patrol tomorrow. If anyone asks the reason for my quiet air of mild smugness, I shall answer with a cryptic. “I have loosed an arrow, and I know it will fly true.”

She will do well.


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