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Monday, July 17, 2006


Too damned hot

It has been almost intolerably hot on patrol today. Fortunately my beat was the leafy suburbs with lots of limited waiting and plenty of opportunities to duck into the shade. Drank a hell of a lot of water and even returned to base twice for extra supplies. I reek of sweat and the moment I have posted this am off for a nice long cool shower. Before that, I have a little announcement and a request;

A cartoonist is required

I may have a job for anyone who is interested; I’ve decided to do a ‘Book of the blog’ and I’m looking for an illustrator / cartoonist / caricaturist (Professional or Amateur, makes no difference) with a similar backhanded slant on the world to my own. This is because whilst I can write mildly humorous prose, I cannot draw for toffee, or any other confection you might care to think of.

The book of ‘Walking the Streets’ is going to be based on, but not a repetition of this weblog. A lot of material that has been written never actually gets onto the web as it’s a bit too ‘sensitive’ and contains details that might give me away to management. Not that any of my managers have ever given out a clue that they read my rabid ravings, but it pays to be careful. Although I’m pretty sure that my blog is screened out by our County wide firewall. Slipping the odd ‘Fuck’ into the text helps.

If interested, send me an amusing cartoon (That is one of yours – Your drawing, your copyright etc.) on the theme of an English Traffic Warden being sprayed by a passing vehicle (Or similar) via my E-mail address as on the sidebar. Try to keep attachment file sizes down to 1Mb. Clean lines and uncluttered backgrounds are preferred, but this rule may be set aside if the work is good (Or funny) enough. I will post anything (With the artists written permission of course) that tickles my fancy, and if I can’t make up my mind (Like that’s going to happen) may put it to a popular vote.

Now I can’t promise that the book will be a best seller or anything; that’s half the gamble, but it will get any collaborators name (With luck) into print and an extra tick on the old CV. Thanks in advance for any submissions.

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